Want to Unlock More Sharks? Follow These Tips

Want to Unlock More Sharks? Follow These Tips

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Hungry Shark Evolution is available on Google Play Store, as well as Apple App Store. The primary aim of this game is to eat as many items as you can for the purpose of survival. This will increase your points and will allow you unlock the different sharks.

In case, you are finding it difficult to advance in the level then you can follow the hungry shark evolutionĀ hack tips that have been mentioned below.

Get a Baby Shark

Baby sharks are just like the pets of this game. They will swim next to the big shark and will help you to eat the items that are found in the sea. You will be able to purchase these baby sharks with the help of gems and coins. This will cost you about 20 gems for a baby shark of Mako Shark. While on the other hand, you need to pay 900 gems for a baby shark Megalodon. The baby shark of Reef shark is the only one that you will be able to purchase with the help of coins.

Evolving the Shark

As you eat more and more items and sea creatures, you will be able to earn growth points. These points are important for finding out when the shark will level up and eventually become more fearsome. The Reef shark is the first level shark and the final level shark is Megalodon.

Dealing with the Submarines

Submarines are the dangerous items in the game. This can easily shoot the shark if it comes near it. However, there is way through which you will be able to get rid of them. You need to charge the front of the submarine rapidly. This might be a lot of damage for the shark but you will be able to avoid it if you take the submarine by surprise.

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